What can you afford to lose?

No BS with our Analysis

Never before has the playing field for your business been so leveled. The downside…small business owners like you are so busy in your business that you rarely have time to work on your business.

This is where Ask The Marketer comes in. Being a small business owner, I understand the challenges you face. So, my first step is to get to know you. How? A complimentary Business Analysis. In this meeting, we…

  • Determine your goals…business and personal.
  • Review your assets.
  • Evaluate your clients.
  • Assess your niche.
  • Analyze the results of your past marketing efforts.

Then I go away…but not for long…to digest all you’ve shared and come back to you with a custom plan designed to fulfill your goals.

Would this work for you?

Where It Leads

Clearly put…Ask The Marketer is a growth-oriented company.

I believe that combining strategy, planning and proper execution is what produces ultimate success. I monitor the latest trends, demystify them, and recommend only those appropriate for you. I partner with you to propel your success.

What you get…

  • I provide YOU with VALUE!
  • I give you control!
  • I help grow your sales and profits!

Do you need more reasons to say YES? Oh come on now! LOL!

If you’re ready, then starting your journey is simple, CLICK HERE to set up a complimentary call with me to review your business growth goals..

How Can You Tell If I’m Good?

6 Reasons To Consider


You get pounded with marketing messages from all sides. So, naturally…you’re suspicious. But, if you’re going to cut through the constant noise and get taken seriously, you’re going to have to get smart about how you reach your potential clients and what you say. I’ll show you how to do it smart!


When we take a more creative approach…it makes you stand out. People remember YOU. Therefore…you end up paying MUCH LESS to be noticed. People also end up liking you more. And, when they like YOU more, they’ll prefer to do business with YOU first.


Though I keep my clothes on…I reveal all! My approach is about outright honesty with my clients…whether you like it or not! And, there are times…when I’ll ask you to make hard choices or tell you something you don’t want to hear for your own good…you won’t like it.


Yes, we all make mistakes. For me…that was part of my Agency Days…using Big Brands’ funds. Now, I make sure you reap the benefits of this hard earned “wisdom.” And, because I really know a lot of stuff about a lot of marketing stuff, I get to help you choose the right strategies that get the job done.

No BS...Really!

So many marketing people are all talk…little action…and even less results. I like to cut to the chase and focus more on selling YOU to your clients! Doing that saves us time and energy…and That Saves YOU Money.

I Do Results

Literally! My approach always measures results! My work is ALL about upping your Return On Investment (ROI) through continuous improvement and optimization. I grow your bottom line…or I don’t get paid!

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