Local Marketing

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Local Marketing

Clients Come Knocking

Will they come through YOUR door?

Building It Is No Guarantee

Local marketing centers around a “brick and mortar” business with a physical location (office, store, restaurant, etc.) or a local service. It concentrates on bringing clients into your establishment…typically, those that live within a 10-mile/10-minute radius of your business.

Before the Internet, local businesses used some pretty standard ways to get people in their doors…advertising in the Yellow Pages, newspapers and magazines. Sales and signs…in windows or on billboards…advertised as well. Many sent out mailings, attended networking events and asked for referrals from colleagues, friends and neighbors.

Now, mobile devices (smart phones, iPads and tablets) and social media (websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) have transformed the way that even a local business acquires its clients. Potential clients look up your phone number or location on Google Maps. And, even when they receive a referral, they search for reviews before contacting you.

Therefore, a savvy business owner puts pertinent information on the company website, in online directories and other social media platforms.

But this isn’t always enough.

Planning “The How” and “The When” you communicate will maximizes the profits your business achieves.

Do your efforts achieve your business goals?

Gain The Best Advantage

The good news…never before has the playing field been so leveled.

The downside…small business owners like you are so busy working in your businesses, that you rarely have time to work on your business.

This is where Ask The Marketer comes in.

I can put together a marketing plan that addresses the issues preventing your business from realizing its true potential…a tailor-made solution designed to increase leads, sales closures and client satisfaction…all leading to a growing business with healthy profits.

“OK…I like what I’ve heard so,” you may be thinking, “So what’s next?”

That’s simple…your next step is to get in touch.

We’ll set up a chat to discuss your goals, what you love to do and what isn’t working…your requirements and timeframe…and, finally, your budget.

How much will this call cost you? Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zero. REALLY? Yes, really!

I’ll then give you a proposal of how I see us working together. Rest assured…there’s NO HARD SELL. You can walk away whenever you want and I’ll never bother you again. Cross my heart!

If you’re ready to go, let’s SUPERCHARGE your marketing!

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